Arts Grants

The Arlington Commission for the Arts administers the grants program for Arlington County's artists and arts organizations. The Arlington County Policy for the Support of Arts Organizations and Artists (as approved by the Arlington County Board on December 8, 1990) describes eligibility for the program, application procedures and criteria for evaluation.

Welcome to the Arlington County Cultural Affairs Grant Program


The Arlington Arts Grants program assists artists and arts organizations in establishing and maintaining programs in the County by providing facilities, financial, and technical support; developing a broad base of financial and community support; and enhancing their artistic, technical, and managerial competence.

Grants offered for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) are the Individual Artist Grant for individual artists, and for organizations, the Project Grant and Space & Services Grant.


How to Fill Out an Arlington Arts Grant Application

This “How to” guide goes with instructions in Project, Space & Service, and Individual Artist Grant Guidelines and workshop directions. Use this for all Grant Applications.

1.    Go to and make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2.    After installing or verifying you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the application link for your grant request you received in your email:

3.    After clicking on the link, download the application and save it to a folder on your computer. You must do this step. If you do not do this step, the form will not function or save properly and you will not be able to apply. (If you are prompted to save the file after clicking on the link, save it to a file on your computer. If you are not prompted, choose “File”, then “Save As” and save the form. Your internet browser may also have an icon that looks like a disk or down arrow. Click on it and save the form to your computer.)

4.    After downloading and saving the form, you may close the internet browser window.

5.    Open the Form from the file you saved on your computer.

6.    The form should open in Adobe Reader not your internet browser. This is important. If the file still opens in a browser window, right click the file, choose “Open With,” and select Adobe Acrobat Reader from the menu.

7.    You may fill out the form once it opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Remember to save your work if you wish to return to it later. Before completing the entire form, fill out one page of the form, save the form, close the form, and re-open the form to make sure it saved your information.

8.    When you have completed and saved the form to a folder on your computer, follow the instructions and attach the form and any required additional materials to an email to

Please be aware, there is a typo on the application. Instructions at the top of page 2 should say the following: “If you are only applying for a Space & Services Grant, do not complete this section. Go directly to Section IV. If you are applying for a Project Grant, complete this section.” The instructions currently say to go to Section III. They should say Section IV.

Questions may be emailed to: 

Arts Commission and Supported Arts Group Information 

 PLEASE NOTE! Applications for outdoor festivals previously administered by Arlington Cultural Affairs are now coordinated by Arlington County's Special Events Coordinator. For more information, contact at 703-228-1876.


FY 2017 Final Report

FY 2017 Final Report for ALL Organizations (click to download)
FY 2017 Spotlight Grant Final Report (click to download)


Financial Forms

Facilities & Fee Payment Policies

Facilities & Fee Payment Forms

Rehearsal and Theater Space Request Form

Arlington Arts Media 

An applicant awarded County support must agree to insert in season brochures, programs, web pages, and other appropriate printed and digital material the following credit: “This program is supported in part by Arlington County through Arlington Cultural Affairs, a division of Arlington Economic Development, and the Arlington Commission for the Arts.” In addition, a link to must be placed on an organization’s website. 

If an organization would like to use the Arlington Arts logo in print and/or digital media, it may be accessed here: