Arlington Cultural Affairs Artist Space Requirements Survey

Arts Incubator

Artists not only need venues to exhibit and perform in, they also need space to create their work. In a region where space is at a premium, this can be a significant challenge. Arlington Cultural Affairs is seeking input from artists and arts administrators from throughout the DC metropolitan area about your observations, opinions and concerns as it relates to spatial needs for artists of all disciplines. 

Arlington Cultural Affairs is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for Arts & Culture.  As part of our data collection and needs analysis we would like to understand the space requirements of artists so that we can optimize the use of our current facilities and plan for future growth. 

The first arts organization to win the Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard University and The Ford Foundation, Arlington Cultural Affairs is working both internally and externally to ensure that Arlington’s cultural scene remains vibrant and engaging. We ask you to take a few moments to share your thoughts on how to get there!

Please complete by Fri., October 15, 2015.

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