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Arlington Cultural Affairs  (administrative office)
1100 North Glebe Road, Suite 1500
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-228-1850
Fax: 703-228-0805
TTY: 703-228-1855

Arlington Cultural Affairs will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities upon request.

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Staff Contact List

Michelle Isabelle-Stark, Director
Phone: (703) 228-0867

Jim Byers, Marketing Director
Phone: (703) 228-1847

Cynthia Connolly, Visual Art Curator
Phone: (703) 228-0818

Zenia Simpson, Operations Administrator
Phone: (703) 228-0830

Josh Stoltzfus, Deputy Director, Arlington Cultural Affairs
Phone: (703) 228-0829

Arts Enterprise Initiative
Jennifer Biehl, Costume Shop Manager
Phone: (703) 228-6974

Joan M. Lynch, Director, Arts Enterprise
Phone: (703) 228-1852

Steven Munoz, Lee Arts Center Director
Phone: (703) 228-0560

Anne O'Dell, Programs Manager
Phone: (703) 228-1854

Darlene Tsukamoto, Lee Arts Center/Master Workshop Coord
Phone: (703) 228-0558

Facilities Management and Technical Services
Hal Crawford, Director Facilities Based Services
Phone: (703) 228-1845

Antoinette Essex, Facilities Manager
Phone: (703) 228-1838

Jared Davis, Scene Shop Manager
Phone: (703) 228-6965

Andres Luque Turriago, Facilities Manager   
Phone: (703) 228-6985

Public Art
Angela Adams, Director, Arlington Public Art
Phone: (703) 228-3553

Deirdre Ehlen, Public Art Project Manager
Phone: (703) 228-3331


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