Artist Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a website, what should I use as a contact on my directory page?
Boy, you really need us then! You can link to your email, or a contact phone number if you are comfortable with that.

I am in a band, and see that you can’t support audio files. What should I do to get my music out?
You can link your directory page to YouTube, facebook, MySpace, or any platform that supports MP3s. (Electronic Press Kit).

How did you come up with the $25 fee? It seems expensive.
It’s the price of a loaded pizza, plus tip, and is calorie free! We think it’s worth much more, but our job is to provide affordable services to Arlington artists, so we made the fee as cheap as we could without having to lay anyone off.

I am not sure how to size my images; they don’t fit into the required proportions.
Don’t worry, we will do it for you. It is helpful if you can select horizontal images, but we have a template so can work with any image. However, please make them big enough for us to manipulate, and make sure they are 72dpi.

What kind of image files do you want?
Jpg’s, please, that can be opened in Photoshop. You can send us a zip file, but please, no files in formats that are not in common use, or ones that need special software to open.

How can I find out how many characters in my statements?
Using Microsoft word, “tools/word count.” Otherwise, just send it and we will edit it for you.

What happens if I send you a statement that is too long?
We will edit it! (see above) Remember, our editing may not be to your liking, so it’s best to follow the guidelines.

Can I update the website text when I  am involved in an exhibition or event?  Or my images?
No, that is what Facebook or your website is for. You can update both text and images when you renew your membership each year. Images can be updated twice a year. 

I notice that some artists are in the "Featured Artist" page. How are they selected, and will I get a chance to appear there?
We are populating that page with 4 - 5 artists on a rotating basis. Depending on the number of artists in the directory, you will appear there two or three times a year.

I am a dancer, is this directory for me?
Yes! See Maida Withers’ entry; she is one of Arlington’s premier dancers, and has worked all over the world.

I am a videographer/filmmaker. How can you display my work?
Unfortunately we cannot show videos, but we can use stills with links to the videos hosted on an outside site, such as youtube, vimeo, etc.

Why can’t I pay online?
Sorry, at the moment we are not set up to take online payments, but we hope to in the future.

For information not covered, email us at , or call 703-228-1848.