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Veena Raghavan

Arlington, Lee Arts Center
Stoneware, porcelain

Veena Raghavan: Copperred glaze
Veena Raghavan: Iron red glaze
Veena Raghavan: Jar With Frog

My mission in clay is to create forms that are functional but pleasing to the hand and eye. I want to conceptualize shapes that seem impossible to form in clay and find methods to achieve their creation. Though it is said that there is little that is new in pottery, I find it fascinating to develop new techniques to create these forms, to interpret them in a different way, and give them a totally unique identity. My work in clay is a reflection of everything that has been a part of my life. It is a fusion of all the cultures I have experienced, of my day to day living, of my dreams, and the images that live in my mind. I make pieces that can be placed on the table, that can be cradled in your hand, that can be put to your lips, and that will hold the food that sustains you.

I love carving porcelain with intricate designs. These pieces take a great deal of patience, and the work is time consuming. However, when finished with a semi-translucent celadon glaze, the completed pieces have a quiet exotic beauty. I also enjoy the flow of glazes and how they interact and play with one another, how their colors meld, and how the designs they create are full of wonderful surprises.