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Rusty Lynn

Arlington Artist
Painting, collage

Rusty Lynn: All Washed Up
Rusty Lynn: Euclid Dance
Rusty Lynn: Island in the Stream
Rusty Lynn: Twelve Mile Reef

Rusty Lynn Artist Statement
I’m challenged by mystery.  What attracts my attention, what interests me, what thrills or puzzles me comes from mystery.  Today yellow fills me with awe, tomorrow it may be red or blue will thrill me.  The act of creation leads me into dialogue with places previously unknown.  Ancient signs and symbols, images like prehistoric figures, visions of dream and shadow – these have a place at my table and on my canvas.    I use acrylic paint, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor crayon, paint markers, collage, and found objects on canvas and paper.  I create sculpture from scrap.   I do not try to tell stories in my art.  I present images, shapes, colors, and lines that have offered themselves to me.  

Artist Biography
 After a career in ministry, social work, and pastoral counseling, Rusty Lynn is devoting his time to a life in the arts. He received a Batchelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in Humanities from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Although setting his art career aside while doing ministry, he made use of his arts education by producing and directing religious drama in the church, creating off-loom weavings, and employing art therapy techniques with clients in his pastoral counseling practice.  Currently he is working in acrylic paints and collage, making assemblages, and creating sculptures from scrap materials.

 Rusty Lynn is in a shared studio space at Convergence Church, A Creative Community of Faith in Alexandria, VA at 1801 N. Quaker Lane.   (  He is a member of the board of directors of The Arlington Artist’s Alliance, and, also belongs to The Del Ray Artisans.  He has exhibited at numerous locations in Arlington, The Workhouse Art Center in Lorton, The Touchstone Gallery and the Presbyterian Church of the Pilgrims in Washington, DC, The Fischer Gallery in Alexandria, as well as with The Del Ray Artisans over the past 26 months.