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Martin Hugg

Arlington, home studio
Caricature drawing

Cartoons by Martin Hugg
Cartoon by Martin Hugg
Cartoon by Martin Hugg

When you want a caricature artist for your next event or party, please call me, MARTIN HUGG, at 202-281-5304. Or email My caricature drawing will entertain your guests for hours, and my drawings are appropriate for all ages. I can provide numerous references for most events and parties.

I draw on 9x12 and 11x17 acid-free paper. For a basic caricature, I draw a big head on a little body, and I print the subject's name with the figure. I draw 8 to 10 people per hour. I can draw 2 or 3 people together, and I can draw either in color or in black and white.

I draw excellent likenesses. Many of my subjects frame their drawings and display them at home or work. I give whimsical expressions to teens and adults and cute expressions to children. I also provide a plastic bag for each drawing.

My rate is $75 per hour, and I require a minimum of 2 hours of work.

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