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Kimberley Murphy-Lyons

Arlington, Columbia Pike Artist Studios
Acrylic painting, abstract with some figurative and narrative elements

Converging Rectangles by Kimberley Murphy-Lyons
Prince is No Pauper by Kimberley Murphy-Lyons
Returning to the Nest by Kimberley Murphy-Lyons
Tree on Turquoise by Kimberley Murphy-Lyons
Little Boxes by Kimberley Murphy-Lyons

Born in Kentucky to a mother whose fascination with Kimberley, South Africa, led to the unusual "two-e" spelling of her first name, painter Kimberley Murphy-Lyons has been a resident of the Washington, DC area for nearly twenty years. Her paintings explore cultural history, childhood memories, and the landscape of dreams. Though fundamentally a non-representational painter, her work often uses figures and other representational elements to suggest stories to the viewer's imagination. With her technique of layering color and texture with found objects and the occasional accident, she hopes to prove that there is no such thing as a "mistake" as every mark and brush stroke lends itself to a richer, more powerful painting.

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