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Deborah Taylor

Arlington, Arlington Arts Gallery
Oil painting

Painting by Deborah Taylor
Painting by Deborah Taylor
Painting by Deborah Taylor
Artist's Statement: 
“I grew up in the Washington D.C. area and was exposed to art early. At a young age I developed a love for the colors of Van Gogh as well as the grandeur of the artists of the Hudson River School. I grew to become more and more moved by the sense of connectedness portrayed in Mary Cassatt’s paintings and the luminosity of John Singer Sargent’s paintings, among many others”.
“I was trained early in crafts and art. That took a backseat to my professional development as a clinical social worker for several years. Nevertheless, art and artistic expression have always figured prominently in my life.”
“Over the past decade I have focused intensely on the traditional medium of painting in oils. My favorite thing about painting is that it guides me in looking at the world intently. I love to observe all of the shades of color in a deep shadow or when light bounces off the side of a tree creating color, greys, lights and darks as well as movement and balance.”
“My most recent focus is on landscapes, particularly plein air paintings of parks in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. My goal is to take what I observe and present an image that not only gives an idea of what or where it is objectively but also portrays an impression of the scene.”
Deborah Taylor's work can be seen at several venues throughout Arlington, in private collections as well as at her website,
Deborah is a member and Board member of the Arlington Artists Alliance as well as a member of the Art League and Arlington Arts Center. She can be reached at or 703-248-9239.