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David Amoroso

Arlington, Home studio
Photography, block and screen prints, acrylic canvases

David Amoroso: Angel Luchador
David Amoroso: Boxeador Rojo
David Amoroso: Con Espolon, Contra Navaja Libre!
David Amoroso: Entre dos Mondos
David Amoroso: Fighting Rooster

My admiration for Latino folk and fine arts grew considerably via extensive travel through Mexico and Central America.  The bright colors and iconography influenced my approach to painting, and it became my goal to create images that were bold and representative of the different cultures of Latin America.

My involvement with the Latino community has allowed me to work with Latino artists to create Mexican altars for Día de los Muertos and Guatemalan Alfombras de Aserrín (Carpets made of hand-colored sawdust). 

In addition to these collaborative efforts, I continue to work on “Viajeros” (Travelers), an ongoing series of paintings which depict the stories of undocumented laborers in the DC Metro area.  After conducting interviews with my subjects, I photograph them and then begin to construct their stories using images.  The final images, accompanied by the individual’s story, have helped to increase awareness and compassion for the plight of the undocumented.
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