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Cindy Coldiron

Arlington, home studio
Kiln-cast recycled glass sculpture

Cindy Coldiron: Green Glass Flower
Cindy Coldiron: Memorial to Teddy
Cindy Coldiron: Rodpods
I create contemporary kiln-cast glass sculpture made from recycled glass, artwork that often reflects my interest in the natural environment. Some glass artists do not work with recycled glass since it can be literally like trying to shape a solid brick to melt into a specific shape. Glass for consumer use is also difficult to work with. A lot of glass bottles and sheet glass also are not compatible with each other in the kiln so a lot of pre-testing must be done. I really like the idea of being involved in a new artistic medium where most glass artists still say "don't waste your time with recycled glass, it is a pain, so unpredictable". I take that as a personal challenge to explore and push its sculptural aspects and I believe the artistic applications of recycled glass have only begun to be explored. Glass has always reminded me of a liquid suspended in time where time stops while you look at it. I have been fascinated by glass since I was a child and watched my grandmother collect interesting but affordable glass and ceramics. I am presently working on a series of recycled glass sculptures that will be installed in Barcroft Park in Arlington, VA next spring, a project made possible by a grant from The Arlington Commission for the Arts.