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Kimberly Harvell DiNatale

Arlington, home studio
Abstract Oil Painting

Kimberly Di Natale:  Circles
Kimberly Di Natale: Floating
Kimberly Di Natale  Meditation
Kimberly Di Natale:  Rain

This work juxtaposes flowing, dripping paint with sharply defined, flat, geometric shapes. These universal, geometric shapes--the arch, parabola, triangle, cross, square, rectangle, circle, polygon, ellipse and curve reference the manmade, and bring to mind ideas about order, logic and strength. The delicately formed, vertical drips inside these shapes allude to the organic, natural world, as well as the nature of the materials. I use the runny quality of the thinned paint and combine it with the most minimal gesture, my brush barely touching the canvas, letting the paint flow freely. The drips are a letting go of control. The strong, geometric shapes are then painted flatly, without brushstrokes, in reverse, over the dripped layers; defining and reigning in the uncontrolled, vertical drips. The paintings become manmade structures influenced by nature that are delicate, yet strong.