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David Amoroso
Arlington, home studio
Photography, block and screen prints, acrylic canvases

David Amoroso shows his admiration for Latin culture through his artwork. His passion is divided between photography, block and screen prints and acrylic canvases. He has exhibited in the DC metro area, California, Mexico, Central and South America.

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Larry Bowring
Arlington, home studio and Thomas Jefferson Pottery Studio

I enjoy exploring the many aspects of wheel-thrown pottery making -- forms, techniques, tools and decoration -- in a never-ending search for pots that "sing".

Robin Burkett
Works on Location
Animal Photographer

Robin Burkett specializes in on-location artistic photographic portraits of animals.

Susan Rene Butler
Arlington, Home studio
Painting/oil, acrylic, watercolor

"Best art project" Wakefield HS, 1965; BFA Drama VCU 1969; MBA GMU 1984; 30 years as association executive. The Art League since 1996; watercolor plein air landscape/oil and large abstracts/acrylic.

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Angela Aiello Caron
Arlington, home studio
Painting in oils and watercolors

Angela Caron is a life-long artist, painting in both oils and watercolors. Her paintings exemplify her love of color and light and reflect her travels throughout Europe and the United States.

Cindy Coldiron
Arlington, home studio
Kiln-cast recycled glass sculpture

My first extended series in kiln-cast recycled glass was a series called "Glass Flowers Reborn." I can imagine discarded bits of glass springing up overnight to form a beautiful glass flower.

Cecily Corcoran
Arlington, Columbia Pike Artists Studios
Oil and Acrylic Painting

Born in Washington, D.C., Cecily Corcoran explores life and nature in her artwork. From cityscapes to seascapes, her paintings capture the light, the personality and the moment of her subject matter.

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Montana DeBor
Arlington, home studio
Watercolors, Classical Drawing

Montana DeBor is a 20 year old artist living in Arlington, VA. She is classically trained in watercolor painting and drawing and has completed five solo professional shows. She is always up for a commission!

Kimberly Harvell DiNatale
Arlington, home studio
Abstract Oil Painting

Kimberly DiNatale is an oil painter whose work is abstract using elements such as the drip, ovals, figures, and circles. Kimberly earned her MFA at Pratt Institute in 1999, and has exhibited her work in the U.S.

Emily Dolenz
Arlington, home studio

Specializing in photography for the individual and/or the corporate setting, Emily Dolenz sells prints of her images. They are full of color and the subject matter changes from architectural elements to the natural world.

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Henry Gallucio
Works in Arlington
Photography, Video, Painting

I have a large collection of 20th Century classical music, like Berg, Shostakovich, Nanes and Glass, and try to make my work something like that.

Maureen George
Arlington, Lee Arts Center
Printmaking, Monotype, Monoprint

My medium is printmaking, primarily colorful, painterly monotypes and monoprints in a range of subjects and techniques. Some major themes are opera, music, myths, love, erotic allure, death, loss and family. The results are figurative and abstract works with a focus on color, form, narrative and texture.

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Martin Hugg
Arlington, home studio
Caricature drawing

Caricature artist for events and parties.

Jocelyn Buck Hunn
Arlington, home studio
Watercolor and Pastel artist

Jocelyn Buck Hunn is a watercolor and pastel artist. She enjoys painting gardens and architectural structures and does commissions on homes, schools and churches, and she exhibits at the Arlington Artists Alliance.

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Donna Lomangino
Arlington design business and home studio
Oil and acrylic paintings

Donna Lomangino is devoted to art and design. She paints in oils and acrylics, owns a design business creating identities, print materials and websites, and also provides interior design services.

Rusty Lynn
Arlington Artist
Painting, collage

Rusty Lynn works in acrylic and other media to create abstract paintings and collages, as well as sculpture from scrap.

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Mary-Jeanne Reid Martz
Arlington, Home Studio
Impressionist Landscapes and Still Lifes in Oil and Pastel

Mary-Jeanne Reid Martz paints primarily from nature. Her extensive travel experience provides depth and meaning to her painting.

Kimberley Murphy-Lyons
Arlington, Columbia Pike Artist Studios
Acrylic painting, abstract with some figurative and narrative elements

Kimberley Murphy-Lyons works in acrylic and collage to create abstract paintings that often include representational and narrative elements.

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Lorne Peterson
Arlington, Home Studio
Art Photography

I explore ways of seeing the inter-playing of forms and patterns in the land. I am attracted to the painterly qualities of water reflections.

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Veena Raghavan
Arlington, Lee Arts Center
Stoneware, porcelain

This intricately carved vase represents some of my work in porcelain with a pale, almost translucent celadon glaze. When it comes out of the kiln, the effect is well worth the time and patience it takes to create.

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Deborah Taylor
Arlington, Arlington Arts Gallery
Oil painting

At a young age I developed a love for the colors of Van Gogh as well as the grandeur of the artists of the Hudson River School. I grew more moved by the sense of connectedness in Mary Cassatt's paintings and the luminosity of John Singer Sargent's paintings -- art has always figured prominently in my life.

Kathy Turner
Arlington, Home Studio
Multi-Medium Painter in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Collage, Mixed Constructions and Wood Block Printing

Kathy Turner is exploring creating textural surfaces incorporating unusual materials along with various paint mediums. Materials are transformed and may deceive the viewer into thinking they are something else.

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Maida Withers
Arlington, VA
Dance, Film, Multi-Media performance

An innovative choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, and teacher-director of the Dance Construction Company (1974), who has toured in over 18 countries and created site-specific work for museums and historic landmarks.

Lloyd Wolf
Arlington, home studio

Lloyd Wolf is an award-winning documentary and fine art photographer.

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Rebecca Zweibel
Arlington artist

Rebecca Zweibel is a clay artist who has recently relocated from Colorado. Her art is often inspired by nature and her surroundings. She is a member of the Ceramic Guild which exhibits in the Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria.